Alexander Sasha Rush

Alexander Sasha Rush

  • Associate in Computer Science


Alexander "Sasha" Rush is interested in data-driven methods for understanding natural language. He develops algorithms and systems for efficient language processing, with the overall goal of synthesizing large textual corpora, such as the web, into computationally useful information.

His research focus is on modelling the structural aspects of language for tasks such as syntactic parsing, coreference resolution, language modelling, and part-of-speech tagging. For these problems, he utilizes formal methods from machine learning, combinatorial optimization, and deep learning.

Prior to joining SEAS, Sasha was a Postdoctoral Fellow with Facebook Artificial Intelligence Reseach (FAIR) in New York. His work has won best paper awards at EMNLP 2010 and NAACL 2012.

Contact Information

Nickname: Sasha
Assistant:Joanne M. Bourgeois
Assistant Office:Pierce 318
Assistant Phone:(617) 495-2719
Research Mgr: Benjamin A. Garvin

Primary Teaching Area

Positions & Employment

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research

2014-2015, Postdoctoral Fellow


2012, Best Paper Award, North American Association of Computational Linguistics.

2010, Best Paper Award, Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

2009, Graduate Research Fellow, National Science Foundation

2006, Outstanding Undergraduate Award Finalist, Computing Research Association

2005, Summer Research Fellowship, Harvard University

2003, Phi Beta Kappa Award, Cheltenham High School

Patents Awarded

Determining user affinity towards applications on a social networking website, 2010

Multiple patents pending