Chad D. Vecitis

Chad D. Vecitis

  • Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering


Research in the Vecitis Lab will focus on the environmental implications and applications of emerging technology through investigations of the fundamental physical chemical processes behind these technologies.

One area of research interest is environmental nanotechnology with a focus on carbon nanomaterials such as fullerenes and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Environmental implications of large-scale CNT use on aquatic chemistry and ecosystems will be investigated through examining their antimicrobial mechanism and aquatic photochemistry. Environmental applications of CNTs as electrochemically-active water treatment membranes for pathogen inactivation, pollutant oxidation, and in situ fouling reduction is also being investigated.

Another area of research interest is environmental chemistry occurring at aqueous interfaces with a focus on the air-water interface. Interfacial reaction mechanisms and kinetics are often at variance with homogeneous chemistry due to mass transfer, molecular orientation, and catalytic effects. The air-water interface is important for advanced water treatment processes such as ozonolysis and sonolysis and the reactions of gaseous atmospheric oxidants with aerosols.

Contact Information

Office:120 Pierce Hall
Office Phone:(617) 496-1458
Lab Location:2nd Floor Engineering Sciences Laboratory
Assistant:Gladys Prins
Assistant Office:Pierce Hall 118
Assistant Phone:(617) 384-8069
Research Mgr: Tetyana Donnelli

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Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Present: Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering