The SEAS Facilities Office, located in Pierce Hall Room G3E, is responsible for a wide array of activities that support everyday operations at SEAS.

For any building maintenance request, please use our Work Order System. You will need your Harvard Key to access the site.

Primary Activities and Support

  • supporting the buildings and infrastructure of SEAS;
  • maintaining a clean, comfortable, and safe working environment;
  • ensuring that all facilities are in accord with university regulations;
  • tracking key assignments;
  • supplying and arranging office furniture; and
  • planning office/laboratory renovations or other construction.

Common Issues Handled by Facilities

  • problems with plumbing, electricity, lighting, heating and cooling
  • restroom maintenance
  • room cleanliness
  • paint and carpets
  • mail delivery
  • office furniture and configuration (Sit-Stand Desks Policy)
  • dealing with noise or other obstacles to work arising from construction.

Please call the SEAS Facilities Office main number (5-2840) when you need assistance.