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Maintenance and Custodial Services

The Facilities Office is responsible for general building maintenance, repairs, and custodial services. To submit a non-emergency request, use the online work order system.  

Questions can be directed to the SEAS Facilities Office during regular business hours (M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm). Contact us at

Report all emergency repair needs and safety concerns to the 24-hour Harvard Operations Center.

  • call (617) 495-5506 
Water Leaks

Report all leaks to the 24-hour Harvard Operations Center and if during business hours inform the SEAS Facilities Office.  Most leaks can be resolved by onsite building staff. If the leak is extensive the Facilities Office will arrange for the services of an outside contractor.

Room Temperature

Heating and Air Conditioning

When air conditioning or heating does not work satisfactorily, contact the SEAS Facilities Office. Outside of these hours, call the Harvard Operations Center. The Facilities Office will try to schedule repairs as quickly as possible, however resolution will depend on the cause of the issue, volume of requests, and availability of service providers.

Common Repairs


Use the work order system to request repairs of lighting. Common problems include, lights out, flickering lights, or malfunctioning occupancy sensors.

Door Locks

Use the work order system to request repairs to malfunctioning doors, door locks, and hardware.


If flooring damage is reported or cleaning requested, the Facilities Office will assess the condition. When damage or deterioration is extensive and replacement flooring is warranted, the Facilities Office will coordinate with space occupants to for replacement.


The Facilities Office will work with you to determine when touch-ups or a more extensive paint job is needed.


Use the work order system for common request such as:

  • Repair/replace broken furniture
  • Request for a white board, shelf, coat hooks

For additional information contact us at

Pest Control

Use the work order system to report any pest issues and to request pest control services.

Additional information on common pests and related best practices are available by Harvard Environmental Health & Safety.


Scientific Equipment

Equipment Breakdown

In most cases, maintenance and breakdown repair of scientific equipment are the responsibility of the Research Group. The SEAS Facilities Office should be notified when the equipment will impact a building services such as alarm system, building exhaust, compressed air, building vacuum system, building chilled water, or electrical power.

New Equipment

Contact the SEAS Facilities Office when new research equipment (planned or purchased) requires a special utility or environmental consideration including but not limited to power, compressed air, building vacuum system, building chilled water, exhaust, and delivery/moving/logistical needs.

Equipment and Technology-related Safety Issues

Research group should contact the Harvard Environmental Health and Safety to review any safety aspects concerning laboratory operations and research equipment (existing, planned, or purchased).  For information and resources go to the Lab Safety Committee.

Custodial and Cleaning Services

Custodial Services at SEAS are provided by Harvard Campus Services Custodial Staff.  Routine daily custodial services are provided throughout the SEAS campus.  To report an issue or to schedule a special request such as carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing or other, use the online work order system.


Use the blue or labeled bins for all single stream recycling (paper, glass/plastic bottles, and metal cans). The Facilities Office also collects spent fluorescent lamps and batteries.

We encourage all faculty, staff, and students to recycle materials to the greatest extent possible. For more information on going green, visit the Harvard Green Campus Initiative.


Trash is collected daily; call the Facilities Offices for special requests.


Restrooms in SEAS buildings are cleaned regularly by the custodial staff. To report an issue please contact the Facilities Office.


Kitchens in SEAS buildings are cleaned regularly by the custodial staff. The schedule of refrigerator/freezer clean-outs are posted in common kitchen areas.  SEAS is not responsible for any lost personal food or kitchen items.