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Alumni News Brief

SEAS startup raises $14M

Robust Intelligence was co-founded by faculty member Yaron Singer, graduate student Alexander Rilee, and alumnus Kojin Oshiba


Yaron Singer, Kojin Oshiba, and Alexander Rilee

Robust Intelligence co-founders (from left) Yaron Singer, Kojin Oshiba, and Alexander Rilee

Robust Intelligence, a startup co-founded by Yaron Singer, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Alexander Rilee, an MS/MBA student, and Kojin Oshiba, A.B. ’19 (computer science and statistics) has raised $14 million from investors.

The startup builds products that integrate seamlessly into the artificial intelligence development life cycle to ensure robustness and reliability. Robust Intelligence grew out of Singer’s work on adversarial machine learning, which involves tricking AI models by supplying deceptive data.

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