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Office of Academic Programs
Pierce Hall 110
29 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

The Office of Academic Programs manages the administration of four areas:

  • Courses, classrooms, and Teaching Fellow appointments
  • Undergraduate academic programs [A.B. and S.B.]
  • Graduate academic programs [Ph.D., M.E., and S.M.]
  • Graduate admissions [Ph.D., M.E. and S.M.]

Courses / Classrooms / Teaching Fellows

Kathy Lovell handles course catalog updates and Teaching Fellow (TF) allocations and appointments.

Tricia Jacome handles classroom assignments for courses, seminars/colloquia, and research group meetings. Specific classroom requests should be emailed to


Undergraduate Academic Programs (including advising)

Kathy Lovell handles undergraduate program administration, including student records, senior theses, progress to degree tracking, plans of study, and weekly student emails.

Tricia Jacome handles undergraduate forms/petitions and 91r courses.

Christina Zaldana handles undergraduate advising events, tours for prospective students interested in SEAS undergraduate programs, and Visitas (admitted students weekend). Information and tour requests should be emailed to

Beth Musser supports the undergraduate computer science program.

For undergraduate academic advising, please contact the appropriate faculty advisors, who work closely with the Office of Academic Programs.


Graduate Academic Programs

John Girash oversees graduate academic programs and student welfare. Contact him to discuss academic policies, advisor/advisee relationships, SEAS Graduate Council, or unusual situations.

Ann Greaney-Williams handles administration of graduate academic programs, including academic progress or milestones, degree requirements, leaves of absence, graduation, or campus resources for graduate students.

Lisa Frazier handles graduate student forms (including for 299r course enrollments), manages the calendaring process for the qualifying exam and final defense, and supports multiple activities across the office.

Sheila Coveney is a primary resource for all masters-degree students, and in particular is the lead SEAS administrative contact for MS/MBA students.

Abby Rahn is a also a resource for joint masters-degree programs and the Undergraduate Technology Innovation Fellowship students.

To schedule rooms for Qualifying Exams and Dissertation Defenses, please email 

Graduate Admissions

Julie Holbrook and Marie Dooley manage the graduate admissions process, including responding to inquiries, holding information sessions, and assisting with application processing and review. All graduate inquiries should be directed to


Other resources outside the office

The Office of Academic Programs works with other offices at SEAS and throughout Harvard. Please contact these offices with the questions below:

  • Contact Erin Bishop in the SEAS Finance Office if you have questions on anything related to SEAS graduate finances (salary, tuition/fees, payroll, bonuses, etc.).
  • Contact Keith Karasek in the SEAS Office of Experiential and Career Development for questions about career services, internships, job fairs, student clubs, and NECTAR student funding.
  • Contact Anas Chalas in the SEAS Active Learning Labs for questions on the teaching labs, machine/instrumentation shops, and January term (J-term).
  • Contact Julia Lee in the SEAS Office of the Executive Dean for Education and Research with questions on intellectual property/contract issues and undergraduate research.
  • Contact Paul Bottino in the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH) for questions on entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Contact the Harvard College Admissions Office with questions about undergraduate admissions. SEAS is not involved with the undergraduate admissions process and all questions should be directed to the Harvard College Admissions Office.
  • GSAS has resources from GSAS, FAS and Harvard specifically for graduate students.
  • Our Resources page details additional services from around Harvard.