Graduate Student Forms

Letters Policy

Please note that if you need a letter verifying your status as a student please contact the FAS Office of the Registrar.  For other letters please contact the Office of Academic Affairs by email (  The letter will be ready in 2-3 business days.

Teaching Fellow Form and Information

If you are planning to serve as a TF, once you have confirmed with the course instructor that you will serve as TF and that the instructor has an allocation available for you, please submit your online TF form available here.

Please submit as soon as possible prior to the beginning of the term to avoid processing/payroll/grant certification issues.  Please also submit the form even if you will TF outside of SEAS (i.e. in FAS) so we can work with the appropriate FAS department to process. Questions can be directed to Kathy Lovell. Note that not all courses have TF allocations available prior to study card day, please check with your instructor first; TF allocations made after study card day will be processed at that time.

Graduate Student Forms

Please bring completed forms to the Office of Academic Programs in Pierce 110 or send them to

PhD Program Plan Forms

Masters Program Plan Forms 

Other Forms