Scientific Shops

Scientific Instrument Shop

The Scientific Instrument Shop based at SEAS, is a complete modern shop. Located in the Northwest Building, level B1, Room B152, featuring:

  • CAD/CAM Programming, using the latest MasterCam Software and SolidWorks 2013

  • CNC and Conventional Precision Lathes
    • (1) 2 Axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine
    • (7) Conventional Lathes turning the smallest diameters up to 22” in dia.
    • .0005 Digital read outs
  • CNC and Conventional Milling Machines
    • (2) 3 Axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines
    • (4) 2 Axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines
    • Standard .dxf file compatible
    • (USB) compatible
  • Welding
  • Silver soldering and brazing
  • High vacuum and low temperature work

The Scientific Instrument Shop offers design work of Instruments for the University and affiliates.

     The shop is available to collaborate with ongoing designs/projects and offer assistance with design for manufacturability.

     Machining of tolerances to within .0005" when required.

Each year the shop oversees apprx. 700-1000 individual projects, ranging in complexity, scale, and time (from one hour to hundreds of hours).

While based at SEAS, the shop is open for use to ALL departments at Harvard. Past clients have included the FAS departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Geology; the Harvard Libraries and the Museums; and the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Public Health. The shop also occasionally offers services for outside universities and national research labs.

Director of the Scientific Instrument Shop

Stan Cotreau

Phone: (617) 495-4060
Fax: (617) 495-4200

Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop, located in Cruft 219, provides work space, tools, parts, and technical assistance for Physics/SEAS students and faculty who need to design and build custom electronic instruments.

The Lab staff can assist with schematic and circuit board design, help order parts, provide soldering/assembly instruction, and help debug circuits. Alternatively, we can start from your specifications and develop fully custom instrumentation to meet your needs.

The shop also provides instruction and support for scientific software, including LabVIEW, MatLAB, Mathematica, Igor, and C.

Electronics Shop Manager & Instructor

James B. MacArthur

Cruft 219
Phone: (617) 495-2868

EE Shop Engineer

Michael Litchfield

Cruft 219
Phone: (617) 495-2868