Contacts and Roles

The information below is specific to appointment-related activities. For more comprehensive descriptions of academic and administrative responsibilities, please visit Leadership.

Administrative Leadership

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs

Diane L. Schneeberger

Pierce Hall 208

Diane coordinates searches, promotions, mentoring, and leaves, provides support with procedural and policy matters, and oversees appointment processes for all researchers.  She supervises the Faculty Affairs staff and also serves as the SEAS liaison to the FAS Office for Faculty Affairs.

Academic Appointments Managers

The Academic Appointments Managers handle all transactional activity for faculty and research appointments, including visas, new appointments, reappointments, early terminations, and any payroll-related changes. They orient new scholars and researchers to the school and advise faculty and researchers on appointment and employment policies, including short-term disability and maternity leave, as well as performance issues and terminations. They work with Diane and the area directors on faculty searches, reviews, and promotions, and they handle any necessary visa paperwork for faculty.

Gina Scribner

Pierce Hall 222

Mary Taylor

Pierce Hall 222A
Portfolio*: Portfolio*:

 *Academic Appointments Managers' portfolios are based upon the main teaching areas of SEAS faculty members and Principal Investigators (PI).  Researchers working with a PI fall within the portfolio of the Academic Appointments Manager that is responsible for the PI's area.  Check the list of faculty by area to determine which Academic Appointments Manager is the correct contact.

Academic Leadership


Dean Doyle is responsible for:

  • leading academic planning for SEAS
  • authorizing faculty searches
  • directing and approving promotion reviews
  • approving special appointments (e.g., visiting faculty or research appointments)
  • representing SEAS to other Harvard University deans, as well as the President and Provost

Area Chairs

Each of the Area Chairs is responsible for:

  • requesting faculty and staff searches in relevant area
  • managing promotion reviews for faculty appointments
  • representing SEAS to FAS committee on appointments and promotion