Donald G.M. Anderson

Donald G.M. Anderson

  • Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Mathematics, Emeritus


Professor Anderson is concerned primarily with methodological questions associated with the approximate solution of ordinary differential and integral equations and related issues, and secondarily with the application of these techniques to specific scientific and engineering problems.

In recent years, his research interests have focused on parameter identification problems in chemical engineering. Central concerns are issues of model formulation and evaluation, and of the design of effective numerical and computational procedures.

In each instance the intent is to balance both the development of broadly applicable tools and their application to concrete examples, usually involving collaboration with colleagues.

Contact Information

Assistant:Susan Virginia Welby
Assistant Office:Maxwell Dworkin 247
Assistant Phone:(617) 496-7592
Research Mgr: Veronique Corrdin

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Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Present: Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Mathematics, Emeritus