William H. Bossert

William H. Bossert

  • David B. Arnold, Jr. Professor of Science, Emeritus


Mathematical models can provide many insights into the behavior of complex biological systems. Professor Bossert develops predictive mathematical models in three distinct areas. In the area of evolutionary biology, Professor Bossert studies rapidly evolving species, reinforcement of mechanisms that produce mating isolation, and models of polygenic inheritance. He is currently studying selection pressures of competition in an environment with fluctuating limited resources and age-structured density-dependent growth models of plants and animals.

He has worked on models of physiologic function, particularly of the kidney. He is developing hierarchical models of the population biology of malaria.

A third area of long-standing interest to Professor Bossert is the management of marine fisheries. He has developed highly interactive computer simulations of stock-industry management, for use in devising policies to smooth fluctuations in harvests and profits in herring fisheries, for analyzing models of multispecies marine ecosystems, and for managing such systems.

A continuing independent interest is the interactive use of computers in the classroom, particularly for teaching math and science at the primary and secondary school levels.

Contact Information

Nickname: Bill
Office:Maxwell Dworkin 110A
Office Phone:(617) 495-4318
Office Fax(617) 495-9837
Lab Location:142 Maxwell Dworkin
Lab Phone:(617) 495-9552
Assistant:Ann Marie King
Assistant Office:Maxwell Dworkin 114A
Assistant Phone:(617) 496-1447
Research Mgr: Veronique Corrdin

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