Fawwaz Habbal

Fawwaz Habbal

  • Executive Dean for Education and Research


My research is on understanding the physics of novel nanostructured materials to create sensors and actuators.  My group works on light detection and absorption of nanomaterials, the Smith-Purcell effect as well as multispectral analysis.  We study nanostructured semiconductors, such as silicon, germanium and indium antimony, and metallic nanowires, such as gold, silver and magnetic metals.

From these materials we fabricate different photonic and electromechanical sensors for environmental studies, mining explorations, food analysis, and microfluidic/photonic sensors and actuators for precision medicine.

Contact Information

Office:Pierce 212B
Office Phone:(617) 384-9355
Office Fax(617) 496-5264
Assistant:Julie G Bodden
Assistant Office:Pierce 216A
Assistant Phone:(617) 496-1595