Peter John Huybers

Peter John Huybers

  • Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Co-Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment


Peter Huybers is a Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences and of Environmental Science and Engineering at Harvard University whose research interests lie in understanding the climate system and its implications for society.  

Huybers received a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1996 and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2004. In 2009, he received the American Geophysical Union's Macelwane Award, a Packard Fellowship, and a MacArthur Grant.

Paleoclimate to include glacial cycles, ocean circulation, and Earth's surface temperature explored through observational analysis and mathematical models.

Contact Information

Office:Geo Museum 457
Office Phone:(617) 495-4811

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