Youth Protection Policy

SEAS hosts a number of activities (including internships) throughout the calendar year that are attended by minors (children under age 18). To ensure these children remain safe while on campus, the University has a Policy for the Safety & Protection of Minors.

The policy contains four foundational elements:
1. Guidelines for interactions with minors;
2. Requirement to report any instance of suspected abuse or neglect of a minor;
3. Education for those who interact with minors and those who oversee programs for minors; and
4. Background screening for those in certain positions of responsibility for minors in University programs.

University guidelines state the University’s expectation for the conduct of those who interact with minors on the University’s behalf. Stated simply, if members of the Harvard community become aware of information indicating that a minor might be the victim of abuse or neglect – on or off campus, and whether or not the situation involves a person affiliated with the University – that information should be reported to HUPD at 617-495-1212.

The University also has a Minors in Labs policy, which assigns additional responsibilities to those who have children under 18 entering labs. This policy imposes several requirements to ensure lab safety including an Acknowledgement of Risk and Release for Minors in Labs, an Application for Student Minors to Enter Harvard University Laboratories, and a Parental Consent for Minors in Labs, all of which can be found here.

The University requires that all programs with minors be registered. If you or your office or lab conducts such a program, please notify Tomye Little, HR Coordinator at: She can provide you with the information you will need to be in compliance with these policies. This includes any paid or unpaid internships for minors.

It is SEAS policy to not employ children under 16 years in either paid or unpaid roles; this also includes programs for minors who participate in programs conducted by outside vendors who lease Harvard’s facilities. Our goal is to ensure that minors who come in contact with our faculty, staff, researchers and students or who use our facilities are safe. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to be in compliance with these policies.