MS/MBA Master of Science Course Requirements

Consistent with other SEAS Master of Science degrees, MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences students must submit a Program Plan (available here) to the SEAS Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD). The form must be submitted to Abby Rahn in the Office of Academic Programs by April 1 of G1 year. Program plans can be revised and resubmitted to be considered at future CHD meetings, no later than G2 January. Consult with your SEAS Graduate Advisor if you are considering revising your Program Plan. No course completed with a grade less than C may be included in the Program Plan, and students must achieve a B or better average letter grade in the courses for the degree. More information on general Masters programs guidelines can be found here, but be aware that the MS/MBA curriculum constrains many of the choices described on that page.

I. Master of Science Requirements - The MS degree requires eight letter-graded courses:

A. ES 280: Systems Engineering (counts as SEAS technical course)

B. ES 234: Technology Venture Immersion

C. ES 285: Integrated Design (counts as SEAS technical course)

D. ES 292a: Launch Lab I

E. ES 292b: Launch Lab II

F. Either three 200-level SEAS or SEAS-equivalent technical electives (see II below), or two 200-level SEAS or SEAS-equivalent technical electives AND one 200-level FAS technical course or G-level MIT technical course (see III below)

II. Technical Courses - By default, the following are considered to be 200-level SEAS or SEAS-equivalent technical electives:

  • Any 200-level Applied Computation (AC), Applied Math (AM), Applied Physics (AP), Computer Science (CS), or Engineering Sciences (ES) class; exceptions includeany 294 / 297 / 298 / 299 course (whether it has a letter after the number or not), AC 221, AP 227, ES 236a/b, ES 238, ES 239, ES 256, or other 200-level courses on written/verbal communication or innovation.

  • Any FAS 200-level technical course taught by a SEAS ladder faculty member ("SEAS-equivalent").

  • Physics 223 (Electronics for Scientists)

III. MIT Courses

One G-level MIT technical elective may be taken in place of a SEAS technical elective, pending review by the Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) for approval for technical graduate-level rigor. List the MIT course on your Program Plan form along with the other electives you are interested in taking.