Ph.D. Model Programs

A detailed description of SEAS Ph.D. course requirements can be found in the Policies of the Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) document. What follows below are area-specific course requirements, guidelines, and model programs that are intended to help students develop program plans with sound intellectual frameworks. Note that a Ph.D. student’s program plan must always comply with the requirements outlined in the CHD document, in addition to complying with any area-specific requirements.

These programs below form a starting point for a discussion with the faculty about areas of interest. Students should work in close consultation with their advisers to develop an appropriate program plan. Courses provide the background knowledge that is often needed to successfully complete research and allow students to learn more broadly about a field or related fields in a structured fashion.

The SEAS Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD) approves each graduate student’s program plan (and any revisions to it), and monitors progress towards attainment of the degree. It is the student’s obligation to keep the CHD apprised of any departures from an approved course selection plan in timely fashion.


Area Course Requirements, Guidelines, and Model Programs