Undergraduate Programs

Degrees in applied mathematics, biomedical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and engineering sciences; secondary fields in mathematical sciences and computer science

In keeping with our emphasis on broad-minded learning we’ve designed programs and courses that cater to students at multiple levels and fully incorporate laboratory research.

Concentrations and Secondary Fields

  Available Concentrations
Area of interest A.B. S.B.
Applied Mathematics* AB Applied Mathematics   
Bioengineering AB Biomedical Engineering

AB Engineering Sciences
(Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Track)
SB Engineering Sciences
(Bioengineering Track)
Computer Science* AB Computer Science  
Electrical Engineering AB Engineering Sciences
(Electrical and Computer Engineering Track)
SB Electrical Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering AB Environmental Sciences and Engineering SB Engineering Sciences
(Environmental Science and Engineering Track)
Mechanical Engineering AB Engineering Sciences
(Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering Track)
SB Mechanical Engineering

*Secondary field available.

Student Activities


Opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research in engineering, the applied sciences, and in related fields abound at Harvard.

Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities provide students from all concentrations an opportunity to do everything from build robotic soccer bots to imagine and launch start-ups.


For area-specific contact or advising information select from one of the teaching areas above. Currently enrolled students seeking general information on our academic programs can contact:

Undergraduate Academic Programs Administrator

Kathy Lovell
Pierce Hall 110
(617) 496-1524

Staff Assistant

Tricia Jacome
Pierce Hall 110
(617) 495-2833 (office)
(617) 496-4177 (fax)