AB/SM Information

Harvard College students are eligible to apply for an AB/SM degree program in any area of SEAS.  Students are expected to apply for advance standing as well as submit a complete application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  We waive the GRE and TOEFL requirement for AB/SM applicants.  All other application materials are required.

Students in the Class of 2019 and beyond should note the College policy on Advanced Standing found here: "Students in the Class of 2017 and 2018 who declare Advanced Standing may adjust their General Education requirement. Students in the Class of 2019 and beyond must complete all General Education requirements."

Important: We do not offer an SB/SM degree program.  The AB/SM is not available for the Masters in Design Engineering (MDE) program, the Data Science program, or the MS/MBA program. 

Current Harvard College AB students:  Do you want to learn more about the AB/SM application process?  Come to one of our information sessions this Fall!

Fall 2019 Information Sessions for Prospective AB/SM's:

Dates for the AB/SM information sessions to be held in Fall 2019 are listed below and will be held in Pierce 114. Please check back before you head over as dates are subject to change.

Thursday, October 17 at 10:00am

Wednesday, November 13 at 2:00pm

Applications to the AB/SM program are made in the Fall term of the student’s junior year.  Here’s a quick overview of the steps you need to take:

1. Speak to your Concentration Advisor: Discuss the possibility of completing your undergraduate degree requirements and determine if you should consider the AB/SM program @ SEAS.

2. Apply for Advanced Standing: Read the Office of Undergraduate Education’s Advancement Placement and Advanced Standing policies carefully.

  • Questions?  Contact the Office of Undergraduate Education via email at oue@fas.harvard.edu 
  • Complete and Submit the Advanced Standing Activation Form to your Resident Dean
  • Complete and Submit the Bracketing Form to the Office of Undergraduate Education, University Hall, 1st Floor North, by the 5th Monday (for the current semester).  For retroactive bracketing, please see your Allston Burr Resident Dean.

3. Apply for AB/SM degree program at SEAS by December 15, 2019 at 5 pm.  Note that late applications will not be accepted.

4. Post-Application Submission: SEAS will notify you in mid-February if you are admitted to the AB/SM Program.  You must formally accept the offer of admission by April 15, 2020. Upon accepting the offer of admission, you will be assigned an academic advisor who is a member of the SEAS faculty who will help you select courses toward the SM degree.    In late Spring, you will be asked to submit an S.M. Program Plan to the SEAS Office of Academic Programs. More information on the requirements for the S.M. degree, can be found on the S.M. requirements page. 

5. Important Note:  You will continue your academic status as an undergraduate at Harvard College.  Your AB/SM status will not affect your current financial aid package.