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Peer Concentration Advisors (PCA) Program

PCAs serve as peer advisors for pre-concentrators (and current concentrators), providing a valuable perspective and helping students to discover additional resources and opportunities.

If you would like to be matched to a PCA, you can do one of the following:

  1. Reach out by email to a PCA with similar academic, career, or extracurricular interests by exploring their bios below or by looking through courses they have already taken here.
  2. Get paired with a PCA by filling out the Find my PCA Google Form. While we recognize some students might know exactly what they are looking for, we are happy to help pair you. 

Coleman Hooper (Co-Captain)


Picture of PCA Co-captain Coleman Hooper

I am a rising senior in Currier House and I am concentrating in Electrical Engineering (S.B. Track). I am an International student from Canada and I transferred to Harvard College as a Junior in 2019. During my time on campus I have been involved in Engineers Without Borders, Robocup, and the Club Soccer Team. I am currently the EWB Co-Director of Fundraising and the Robocup Co-Project Manager.  Since the spring I have been working on research for the Harvard Architecture, Circuits, and Compilers group on dedicated hardware for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). In the future, I hope to pursue graduate studies in machine learning or in computer hardware design.


Esther Koh (Co-Captain)


Hi everyone! My name is Esther Koh, and I’m a senior in Kirkland House studying Bioengineering (S.B.) in the Chemical & Materials subtrack with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I’m fascinated with creating bioinspired materials and devices; for the past few years, I’ve been developing tough adhesive hydrogel drug delivery systems at the Wyss Institute. I love exploring translatable technologies at the intersection of biotechnology and business through involvement at biotech startups and a life sciences VC firm. On campus, I’m one of the Harvard Technology Innovation Fellows and am a Co-President for Women in Business. In my free time, I enjoy hiking the Southern California trails (West Coast, Best Coast!) and sketching architecture. If any of the above piques your interest, please feel free to reach out! Also happy to chat about anything else you may need help on :)


Joshua Ng (Co-Captain)


Headshot of Engineering PCA Joshua Ng

Hey y'all! My name is Joshua Ng, and I am a junior in Leverett studying mechanical engineering. I was born and raised in the sunny city of Los Angeles, CA, but I have yet to be accustomed to the cold Boston winters. I am very interested in aerospace and robotics, and I have been involved with Harvard Undergraduate Aeronautics (HUAERO), the Harvard College Engineering Society (HCES), and the Microrobotics Lab. This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and I have gotten to learn more about the space industry from my mentors and peer interns.  In the Microrobotics Lab, I am looking at the mechanical properties of different knit structures and taking advantage of these properties to design a fluidic knit actuator. In addition to engineering, I have been studying Chinese since my freshman year and hope to refine my conversation, reading, and writing skills this year, aiming to receive a language citation at graduation. Outside of the classroom, I am involved in the Harvard Philippine Forum (HPF), the Asian Student Arts Project (ASAP), Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF), and Camp Kesem. The arts have played a major role in who I am today, and I have been heavily involved with the theater productions both on the technical and acting side and dance. Therefore, this interest has also led me to want to find the intersection between the arts and engineering, and recently I have become really interested in theme parks and attractions, specifically animatronics. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in the aerospace, robotics, or entertainment industry. My hobbies include watching YouTube travel/flight vlogs and food videos, watching rom-coms with my blockmates, learning how to play the guitar (I started this year!), watching K-dramas, taking photos, trying new foods, and listening to all different sorts of music, including K-pop and musical soundtracks. If you are interested in any of these areas, please feel free to reach out to chat! 


Selena Zhang (Co-Captain)


Hi! My name is Selena Zhang and I'm a senior in Dunster studying Environmental Science and Engineering, and Chemistry. I'm super excited about all things environment-related, especially climate and energy, atmospheric chemistry, and environmental justice. On campus I conduct research in the Mason group on energy storage, am part of the Resource Efficiency Program at Harvard's Office for Sustainability, and CA for Chemistry courses. I have also organized on political campaigns, work at Cambridge Queen's Head Pub, and spend most of my free time either outdoors or looking for the best oat-milk latte in Boston. In the future, I hope to work at the intersection of environmental science, climate policy, and social justice. If you’re also interested in any of these areas, are curious about joint concentrations, or anything else please feel free to reach out! I’ve also traveled to Peru with SEAS, have plans to go to Switzerland next year to research deforestation practices, and worked at NOAA last summer and would be happy to answer any questions about ESE-related fellowships or travel experiences.


Sarah Beckwith


Hi! My name is Sarah Beckwith and I’m a senior in Cabot House studying Environmental Science and Engineering. This summer I interned with Kleinfelder in their Boston office with their Water Resources team and last summer I worked at a land surveying firm in my hometown while also remotely interning with Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. I also studied abroad in Venice, Italy during the summer of 2019 through the Harvard Summer School. On campus, I’m on the board of the Harvard College Engineering Society, I play on the club ultimate frisbee team, I'm a member of Engineers Without Borders and I’m in The Kali Praxi. In my free time I like to hike, take photos, and hang out with my friends. I’m excited to be a PCA, so please feel free to reach out to chat! 


Jordan Daigle


I am a senior in Leverett House pursuing my S.B. in Engineering Sciences on the Environmental track. My academic interests are energy, climate, and PFAS, but in my spare time, I enjoy landscape photography and visiting lighthouses along the coast in my home state Maine. When in Cambridge, you can find me drinking coffee at the Harvard University Center for the Environment or watching the sunset on the Charles River. I have earned my language citation in French, so if you are interested in studying a language or the arts in addition to being an engineering student, I would be happy to help you! This past summer, I worked for Chevron on their Greenhouse Gas team, and in the summer of 2019, I studied climate change in Venice, Italy. If you would like to discuss the details of studying abroad, working as a teaching assistant, landing a job in industry, or navigating the myriad of career pathways that are available to Harvard engineers, please reach out to me! I love helping fellow students, so even if your interests are different, I would be more than happy to chat about whatever is on your mind. 


Cole Dollinger


Engineering PCA Cole Doleman

Hi everyone! I’m Cole Dollinger, a rising Senior in Lowell House pursuing a S.B. in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from the Bay Area, California, I have experience both founding and working at start-ups and interests in the automotive and cryptocurrency sectors. Outside of engineering, I am involved with the Club Lacrosse Team and love skiing, snowboarding, and getting out in nature whenever I can. I’m very excited to be a PCA this year and am looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you! Please reach out with any questions about engineering, work life balance, or really anything!


Charlotte Dyvik Henke


Hi! My name is Charlotte Dyvik Henke and I’m a Norwegian-German senior in Mather studying Environmental Science and Engineering, with a secondary in ESPP. I am passionate about using science to create positive impact on pressing environmental and societal issues, and my interests currently lie somewhere along the intersections between climate science, environmental justice, engineering and finance. At Harvard, I am a research assistant with the Arctic Initiative at HKS, and have served as a co-lead coordinator for Harvard Undergraduates for Environmental Justice. I have also written for the Harvard Political Review, worked with the Harvard Chapter of Engineers without Borders, competed with the Harvard Alpine Ski team, and volunteered to teach in local schools both on climate science and on international issues. In Fall 2020, I spent a semester off working in climate finance in Oslo, providing science-based climate assessments on green financing. In my free time, I love to get outside (especially for hiking and skiing), reading, and meeting up with friends over coffee. I am very happy to answer any and all questions related to the above, including on course selections, choosing between A.B. and S.B., balancing engineering with other interests, and anything else on your mind. Looking forward to meeting you! 


Juhee Goyal


Hi! I’m Juhee Goyal, a rising junior in Dunster House (go Meese!). I’ve lived half my life in each of the Bay Area, California and Indore, India. I am pursuing a joint concentration in the AB Bioengineering: Electrical subtrack and Integrative Biology with an intent to go into a hybrid of veterinary medicine and research & academia. I have researched Experimental Evolution in yeast in the Desai Lab (FAS), Tympanic Membrane Reconstruction in the Remenschneider Lab at Mass. Eye and Ear, and am now working on drug delivery using cellular backpacks in the Mitragotri lab at SEAS. I love organizing events and mentorship programs for Harvard Dharma and the Harvard College Conservation Society, photographing for Camp Kesem, teaching courses like Physics 12 and ES53, interacting with first-years as a PAF, and volunteering at the MSPCA's Low Cost Vet Clinic. The engineering community at SEAS has truly been a welcoming and extremely supportive community and I look forward to being able to pay that forward! Please feel free to talk to me about anything about biology/sciences/engineering related, getting involved with research as an undergraduate (I've worked with PRISE as a Program Assistant so can connect you to URAF resources as well), how to navigate a joint concentration with the engineering sciences, the international experiences, or anything else at all!


Emily He


Hey everyone! My name is Emily He, and I’m a senior in Currier House pursuing a S.B. in Bioengineering. Outside of the hardcore engineering curriculum, I’ve been working with Dr. Schulman (BIDMC and HMS) on red-blood-cell ghosts for drug delivery. I've also worked with Dr. Lewis (SEAS) on a 3D bioprinted liver graft and Dr. Bai (NIH) on structural biology research. On campus, I help lead CrimsonEMS (we’re all nationally certified EMTs who serve campus!). I also direct(ed) Operations with HPAIR (Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations), volunteer with Project sunshine, serve on the UC’s Student Advisory Board for the Sciences (SABS), dance with AADT (Asian American Dance Troupe), and am passionate about tutoring/mentoring underserved K-12 student populations. So please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding research, balancing premed with a S.B. course load, or exploring non-engineering pre-professional clubs. Some other fun facts — I’m originally from the D.C. area, I love watching crime shows, and I’ve been baking tons of goodies recently. Happy to chat about anything under the sun! Looking forward to meeting y’all.


Abigail Huebner


Headshot of Engineering PCA Abigail Huebner

Hi everyone! My name is Abigail Huebner and I’m a junior in Pfoho studying Bioengineering (SB) with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. I came into Harvard not planning on studying engineering and have found the engineering community and advising network to be so helpful, and I’m excited to pay that forward. I spent this past summer doing research in the Biodesign lab. Outside of engineering, I’m a peer counselor with ECHO (Harvard’s eating concerns focused peer counseling group) and very involved with Harvard Hillel. As someone who had never had engineering or research experience before this past year and didn’t decide on bioengineering/SB until my sophomore year, I would love to talk about finding research opportunities, choosing bioengineering and then choosing among all of the different bioengineering subtracks (there are so many options!), course selection, balancing engineering with non-engineering interests, and anything else!


Mohib Jafri


Headshot of Engineering PCA Mohib Jafri

Hi everyone! Mohib here. I’m a rising senior in Quincy House studying Electrical Engineering (ABSM). Born and raised in an environment where hardware engineering wasn’t the most accessible, I’ve loved taking advantage of all the learning resources—inside and outside of the classroom— that Harvard has to offer. At school, I run HackHarvard, Harvard’s largest annual hackathon, and have dabbled in some research as well as some side projects at the Active Learning Labs. Outside of Harvard, I do a lot of hardware engineering (Boeing Space unmanned vehicles, Tesla powertrain, Gravity Industries jetpacks), software engineering (Tembo’s edtech platform, various social consumer products), and project management (VHacks, IvyHacks, a few startups). I took 1.5 years off of school to work first at Tesla (high voltage manufacturing then Autopilot Hardware) and later on my own company. I love working on problems focused around sustainable transportation, education, and consumer. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in getting your feet wet in any of the above!


Kassia Love


Headshot of PCA Kassia Love

Hello! My name is Kassia Love. I am a senior in Currier House doing a joint concentration in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience with a secondary in East Asian Studies. I have done lab work focused on sensory systems. I have been working with Dr. Richard Lewis and Dr. Faisal Karmali in the Jenks Vestibular Lab at Mass Eye and Ear on studying the precision of the vestibular system. I also have also been working with Dr. Natela Shanidze at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute on studying and improving eye tracking technology for usage on people with non-healthy vision, such as macular degeneration. The summer after my freshman year I got to study abroad in South Korea and take summer school classes there. Outside of my studies I love to play percussion. I play in the Harvard University Band, the Harvard University Wind Ensemble, and played in the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra my freshman year. I am a member of the Harvard Robotics Club. I have volunteered with the college’s Alzheimer’s Buddies program where we visit an elderly person who has Alzheimer’s once a week to chat and accompany them. I have also worked in Dorm Crew. If you have any questions about biomedical engineering, neuroscience, joint concentrations, non-STEM secondary, studying abroad, or even music at Harvard, do not hesitate to reach out! 


Harrison Ngue


Headshot of Engineering PCA Harrison Ngue

Hey! My name is Harrison and I am a junior from Los Angeles, California living in Cabot House and concentrating in Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. I am passionate about the intersection between medicine and research— I am currently an undergraduate researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, where I study chemoresistant and quiescent breast cancer cells and their extracellular signaling mechanisms under chemotherapy stress. Outside of classes, I enjoy teaching, learning languages, and producing video animations. I'm happy to chat about anything, whether that be classes, extracurriculars, internships, etc.— don't hesitate to reach out!


Arielle Rothman


Headshot of Arielle Rothman

Hi! My name is Arielle Rothman and I am a senior in Quincy House studying bioengineering. I am passionate about medical devices and entrepreneurship. On campus, I work on a drug delivery device and a novel blood pressure monitor in the Therapeutic Technology Design and Development group at MIT. I am also a fellow in the Undergraduate Technology Innovation Fellows program, where I've delved deeper into the intersection of business and engineering. Last year, I took a gap year and had several experiences in the medical tech space - I interned at an early stage startup using AI to improve IVF outcomes; interned as a product manager at Boston Scientific Neuromodulation; and interned as a mechanical engineer at a wearable device growth-stage startup. Outside of engineering, I love cycling and hiking. Please reach out if you'd like to chat!


Randy St. Louis


Hello everyone! My name is Randy St. Louis and I am a senior in Dunster studying Mechanical Engineering with a secondary in African American Studies. My main interest in engineering is robotics which has led me to work in the Microrobotics lab and land an internship at Amazon Robotics. On campus, I am the former treasurer of the Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers as well as a member of the Kuumba Singers and the Black Men's Forum. I am highly invested in the issues of underrepresented minority groups in STEM and would be more than happy to talk with anyone about them. If you have any questions about course selection, managing a non-STEM secondary, or anything related to life as a college student, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Eugene Veloso


Headshot of Engineering PCA Eugene Veloso

Hey everyone! My name is Eugene Veloso, and I’m a junior in Mather house studying Mechanical Engineering (S.B.). I was born in Manila, Philippines, but I grew up in Rio Grande City, Texas, a small city along the southern border of Texas (about 10 minutes away from Mexico!). My main academic interests are in aerospace and robotics, and I’ve been able to pursue those interests through my involvement in HUAERO and HURC. This year, I’ll be one of the co-presidents of HUAERO, and I was part of last year’s biomech team with HURC. I also conduct research at the Microrobotics lab on soft actuators and their potential applications on spacesuits. This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Boeing as a weight engineer in product development. Some other clubs I’m involved in are Harvard Breakers and the Harvard Philippine Forum. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, watching basketball, and playing with my dog. I remember how helpful the upperclassmen were when I was starting out, especially not having a very strong academic background, so I hope to provide that same guidance to you all! I’m always happy to chat about research, internships, extracurriculars, classes, or literally anything else, so please do not hesitate to reach out! Can’t wait to meet you all!


Jaylen Wang


Hey everyone! My name is Jaylen Wang. I'm a rising Senior in Kirkland house studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I love learning about the interplay between software and hardware, especially with applications to machine learning. I've spent time doing research term-time and over the summer, with experience applying for HCRP and PRISE. I also have some experience with internships as well, so I'd be happy to talk to anyone about this. On-campus I'm part of HCES (Harvard College Engineering Society), where I spend time working with other board members to serve the engineering community and foster a sense of belonging for all SEAS students. Moreover, I'm the Co-Captain of the Club Tennis team, as you can find me (when on campus) across the river on a tennis court on most nights. Outside of school, I love watching NBA games (I wish I could say I was named after Jaylen Brown - go Celts) and reading books (especially nonfiction books - please give me book recs!). I'm super excited to be a PCA Co-Captain and am looking forward to meeting you all. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to talk!