Student Funding and Financial Aid

The Graduate Financial Aid Analyst is primarily responsible for managing funding, allocating financial aid, and managing the payroll for SEAS graduate students.

In this capacity, the Graduate Financial Aid Analyst

-          Manages G1 stipends

-          Coordinates research assistant appointments for G2s and above

-          Processes research assistant adjustments for teaching fellows and external funding,

-          Posts tuition for all PhD students twice yearly and manages tuition year-round

-          Processes costing changes and related tuition adjustments

-          Processes invoices for students working externally

-          Processes bonuses for teaching fellows and external fellowships

-          Coordinates with GSAS Financial Aid on a wide range of student and financial issues

FY19 Graduate Student Funding Memo

FY20 Graduate Student Funding Memo

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Directions from Pierce Hall to 20 University Rd.

 Erin Bishop (Graduate Financial Aid Analyst)
SEAS Suite 662, 20 University Road 
(617) 496-6970

For additional student inquiries, refer to SEAS Office of Academic Programs: