Human Resources

Mission - Who We Are

The SEAS HR office strives to develop and deliver innovative human resource programs and services designed to support the mission of SEAS and Harvard University. Our core services and competencies include recruitment and staffing, diversity, employee and labor relations, compensation, performance management, employee development, HR information management, and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to be the most effective, accountable, and engaged HR team possible.    

Vision - Where We Want to Be

We seek to deliver superior customer service to the entire SEAS community with the goal of attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining a diverse workforce in a supportive work environment.

Primary Activities

Staff recruitment and retention

  • writing job descriptions and website postings

  • reviewing candidate applications and, in consultation with hiring managers, identifying the candidates who best meet the requirements of specific jobs

  • determining appropriate classification and compensation for new employees (in accordance with Harvard University guidelines)

Gateway for employee benefits

SEAS Human Resources is the first place to seek advice on procedures and policies in such key areas as disability compensation and employee leaves (e.g., personal, family, and maternity). The forms needed to process employee requests in this area are available from SEAS Human Resources or the Benefits Service Group, 6-4001,

Employee and labor relations

SEAS Human Resources can identify approaches that support both supervisors and employees as they work together to resolve issues that arise in the workplace. In serving this role, SEAS Human Resources and the unions comply with established procedures for dealing with grievances. For information on the two unions active at SEAS, please visit:


SEAS Human Resources can help you to determine fair and appropriate salary levels, job reclassification (when merited), equity adjustments, and variable pay.

Performance management 

SEAS Human Resources is responsible for designing and maintaining a performance management system that meets the needs of all staff. Forms to be used by supervisors and employees for performance assessment and evaluation are available online from SEAS Human Resources.

Staff development and training

  • SEAS Human Resources coordinates trainings that are provided onsite by the Harvard University Center for Workplace Development. Employees may also receive Center for Workplace Development training at other (non-SEAS) locations at Harvard.

  • Through the Harvard Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP), it is possible for employees to take courses offered by most Harvard facilities and many other institutions.

  • Approximately every other year, a Harvard-wide survey of employee satisfaction and engagement is conducted by the Harvard University Office of Human Resources. Data garnered from the surveys informs adjustments made to Harvard human resources policies and procedures—and this data is benchmarked against other high quality employers around the world. To review the results and follow-up efforts to recent surveys, please visit Staff Surveys.

  • Weekly online web chats produced by the Harvard University Office of Human Resources address a wide range of employee questions and concerns, e.g., conflict management, women's health, nutrition, and exercise.

Promoting equal employment opportunity and affirmative action

The goals of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action are central to Harvard University’s values and are recognized as essential to the broader values of a democratic and pluralistic society.