Payroll Overview

SEAS has several different types of payrolls.  Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly.   Weekly & Bi-weekly payrolls are based on a Sunday through Saturday work week.  Weekly employees are paid on Friday's for the prior week.  Biweekly employee's are paid every other Friday for the previous 2 weeks worked.  The are 26 pay periods per year for employee's paid biweekly.  Monthly employees are paid on the last business day of the month for that month.  When a payday falls on a Holiday, payday is moved back to the previous business day.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit allows you to have your pay deposited directly into your checking or savings account.  Direct Deposit can be set up to go into multiple accounts.  Your funds will be available at 9:00am on payday.   Paper checks do get lost and can take up to 2 weeks for replacement.  All your pay stubs will always available for printing or viewing through peoplesoft self service as long as you're employed at Harvard. You can access your direct deposit information through the following links in peoplesoft: Main Menu>Self Service>Payroll & Compensation>Direct Deposit.  Instructions are available here Direct Deposit Instructions.

Understanding Your W-2

W-2 income statements are mailed by the University to an employee's home address by the end Janauary of each year. For this reason it's important that you keep your home address up to date via Peoplesoft self service.  Most W-2 questions revolve around the income reported in Box 1.  This amount is normally less than your gross income.  This is because all before-tax deductions are not included in your taxable income.  If you've not received your W-2 or need a copy from a prior year, it can be requested through this website (  Additional W-2 information is available at the following link  Understanding Your W-2.

Change of Address

In order to ensure that you receive your W-2 and Benefits information on a timely basis it's imperative that you keep your home address up to date.  All Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly employees should change their address through Peoplsoft self service via the following links Self Service>Personal Information>Home & University Mail Address.  For additional information, you can refer to this Instructions link.

The following information is for Harvard students only:

If you are currently registered as a Harvard student, you will NOT have access to the Employee/University Address page to update your home Address.  Please contact your local Registrar’s Office [Erin Bishop for SEAS students] or the Student Receivables Office (556 Holyoke Center, 5-2739) to change your address.

Payroll Calendars

Biweekly Paycheck Calendar 

Download the Dec. 2018 through November 2019 Harvard Central Payroll Processing Calendar    

2019 SEAS Payroll Deadlines

Winter Holiday Reporting

Additional Payroll Resources

 Here you will find items such as how to read your paycheck, view your benefits, and other basic items that pertain to your appointment.

Payroll Types (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly)


Temporary employees on the weekly payroll should fill out  Time Sheets For SEAS Weekly Temporary Employees  indicating hours worked in the current week and submit them to William F. Rasschaert   by 12:00pm on Thursday for checks. 

Please note: Time Sheets must be submitted weekly, do not accumulate them, this is a weekly payroll and time sheets need to be submitted accordingly.