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This office is charged with coordinating, supporting, and facilitating academic advising programs for all undergraduates and, as such, works with students,faculty,the Freshman Dean's Office, the Houses and other Harvard College and FAS offices on all aspects of pre-concentration and concentration advising.


For advising questions, please write

Each student is assigned one or two advisers, listed below. Effort is made to give you someone with intellectual overlap with your own interests--but this is not always possible--and is not absolutely essential. What you need is someone to brainstorm your interests and to point you to the right resources to understand how to fulfill them at a high intellectual level. The board of advisers is as follows:

Advising Office Hours


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Fall 2019 Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Advisers

NOTE: If you would like to change your adviser, or would like additional advice, you can always come talk to Margo Levine or Sarah Iams, the Associate and Assistant Directors of Undergraduate Studies.

Guidelines and Requirements

  • Requirements
    Official requirements for the concentration as published in the Harvard College Handbook for Student.
  • Secondary Field in Mathematical Sciences Guidelines
    The secondary field in Mathematical Sciences is jointly sponsored by the the Mathematics Department and the Applied Mathematics concentration. Students are required to take four courses in either Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics of which at most two can be in Statistics. The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics courses must be numbered 104 or higher; Statistics courses must be numbered 110 or higher.

Plan of Study

  • To submit a new plan of study, use the new online plan of study tool:  We’re still working out some of the kinks, so if you try this and have problems, please let us know so we can make the appropriate changes.

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Advising Contacts

Margo Levine
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Pierce Hall 207A

Sarah Iams
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
Pierce Hall 226

Students interested in pursuing a secondary field in Mathematical Sciences should contact one of these Advising Contacts or Peter Kronheimer in the Math Department.