Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering (A.B.)

The degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Biomedical Engineering are included below.  For more information about the concentration and its relationship to the other bioengineering concentrations at SEAS, please visit the Bioengineering Undergraduate Area homepage.

Concentration Requirements

The complete concentration requirements can be found in the Harvard College Handbook for Students.

Plan of Study Form

Plan of Study for the Biomedical Engineering AB Concentration

Advising Contacts

Linsey Moyer, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies in Biomedical Engineering

Conor Walsh, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Biomedical Engineering

English Honors

Recommendations for English honors are decided individually by vote of the engineering faculty based on the student's academic accomplishments, superior performance in an ambitious set of courses, and evidence of scholarly achievement in their field. Ordinarily, the following criteria set the minimum qualifications necessary to be considered for an honors recommendation:

  • For Highest Honors: a concentration GPA in the top 5% and an outstanding thesis
  • For High Honors: a concentration GPA in the top 20% and an excellent thesis
  • For Honors: a concentration GPA in the top 50% 

Thesis Information

The guide below provides an overview of the requirement for a thesis in Biomedical Engineering:

Thesis Guide

Some recent thesis examples acorss all of SEAS can be found on the Harvard DASH (Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard) repository here