Desktop Support

Contacting Support

For support services, please contact or call (617) 495-7777

How to buy a new computer

For new hires who are eligible for a SEAS-funded computer, we offer standard laptops and desktops from Dell and Apple. To order one of these standard machines, please contact

Once the hardware arrives, Harvard IT will install additional software (such as virus protection and Microsoft Office) and make sure all the latest updates and patches are applied.

For information about personal purchases, visit

How to get your computer repaired

If you suspect that your computer is malfunctioning (broken hard drive, fan, motherboard, etc.) or you know it is broken, please contact Support Services who can verify if any parts can be fixed or replaced, or help determine next steps.

If you would like to check your warranty status yourself, please see the links below to find out whether or not you're still covered.

If your computer is manufactured by a different company, Support Services still may be able to help. Depending on the warranty, a technician from the manufacturer could be sent on-siter, or we may be able to ship your computer back to the manufacturer for service. Always contact the Service Desk and someone will be glad to provide you with more information about your repair options.